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Eric Vilain
Genetics of Mammalian Sexual Development

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Selected Publications:

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Research Interest:

Sex determination orients development toward sexually dimorphic individuals, male or female. In mammals, male sex determination is triggered by a primary signal, encoded by the testis determining factor SRY, localized on the Y chromosome. Subsequently, a complex network of genes, most of them still unknown, is regulated and leads to male sexual differentiation. I have discovered new molecular and cellular mechanisms of sex determination during fetal development. In particular, I have provided strong evidence supporting SRY as the testis determining gene, and identified regulatory mechanisms of transcription of DAX1, another sex determining gene. A new concept is now emerging: normal sexual development may result from the functional and developmental integration of a number of different genes that play roles at all levels of sex determination, sexual differentiation and possibly in sexual behavior. My laboratory is exploring the genetics of development of the reproductive axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-gonads). Two complementary approaches are used: the analysis of patients with disorders of sexual development and the study of animal and cellular models. Specifically, we are searching for mutations in genes that are candidates for a role in developmental pathologies of the reproductive axis. We are also in the process of identifying differentially expressed genes at various times during embryonic development of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonads in the rat. In addition, we are searching for genes involved in the chemotactic system responsible for the migration of hypothalamic cells towards the pituitary. Finally, we are testing the hypothesis that there may be genetic influences on behavioral differences between males and females, in addition to the direct influence of sex steroids.